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Handyman Services Vancouver

Handyman Services

If you’re looking for a handyman Professional, then you’re in the right place.

General Home Maintenance

Heron is here to help you take care of the many small jobs around your house or business so you have more time to pursue the things that are most important to you. Whether your to-do list is two hours or two days long, Heron skilled service technicians will help make it disappear.


Using a variety of woods from maple to mahogany, poplar or cherry and everything in between, Heron will create both interior and exterior designs that enhance any environment. For quality craftsmanship and work with integrity, call Heron today.


When painting, our primary focus is Quality. This means that we take the extra time to properly prepare any surface that will be receiving paint coverage, providing the maximum life of our work. Heron Home Services are experienced interior and exterior painters. That means that we can tackle any job, big or small and complete your job in an efficient and timely manner.


They say what goes up must come down. And, if it comes down inside your home, it comes down on the floor. This makes your floor one of the most abused components of the house. Heron is a professional experienced flooring contractor you can count on. Heron specializes in all types of flooring. Call us for vinyl, tile, & laminate. We specialize in Epoxy Floor Installation.


Heron designs and builds all types of decks. We believe in the old rules of construction, “you get what you pay for”. With so many independent subcontractors in the construction business, it is nice to know that we strive to create the perfect deck solutions to fit your needs, with only the best quality materials available and the finest craftsmanship.Creating you outdoor living space is fun and will add resale value to your home. And, there’s nothing more relaxing than kicking off your shoes and enjoying a nice cold drink while you watch the sunset from your deck or patio after a long day’s work.


Counters installed by Heron are guaranteed to be of the finest workmanship and quality available anywhere. We pride ourselves on being large enough to handle any and all of your orders for granite countertops, yet small enough to provide you with the personal attention to detail that you would rightfully expect from any service–oriented company.

Electrical and Plumbing

Heron has always specialized in commercial and residential service work. We take pride not only in the work we perform but also in our customer relationships. Heron has plenty of experience to get the plumbing and electrical jobs done fast and right the first time.

Picture Hanging

You’ve been tasked with hanging some pictures in the kids’ bedroom. Not a problem. Hanging up new pictures or installing shelves can add a fresh touch to any room. But, without the proper tools or experience, hanging shelves and pictures can be incredibly frustrating. Height from the floor, stud spacing, and weight can all impact how something is hung. We have experience with hanging pictures on all types of surfaces, and would be glad to help with your project.

We are the one stop shop for your home exterior maintenance needs.

We specialize in STRATA Building maintenance.

We have an excellent reputation on the Google and have built a reputation in the Lower Mainland for almost every kind of maintenance , exterior and interior home repair. Even though we specialize in property maintenance, we have done complete, from start to finish renovations and floor installation and repairs, we also provide solutions for new floor projects. When you call us you can be sure you will get honest and friendly construction environment while we at your job-site.


Call us today to schedule a Handyman repair in Lower Mainland.  We’d love to answer any questions about our services, and you can get started with a free quote. It is what we do it all the time.

As a locally owned and operated company, we at Heron have a commitment to the community. The quality of our work reflects on us, and that matters because we are your neighbors. That’s why all our staff are professionally trained and all our work is top quality.

If your Strata building needs the common areas renovated or cleaned, then we are the company to call. We have extensive experience in this field.

We are also very sensitive to people’s need and time to minimize disruption and maximum dust control. We have the right tools.

If you are looking for someone reliable then we offer you the best work done at great prices and quality workmanship. Please call at: 778.955.9922


We’re an all-in-one service provider for residential exterior property cleaning, providing all services necessary to make your property shine like new again!

Heron Handyman Services

The following are common Handyman services that we’re often called for, and we’ll approach them in depth to clarity for your knowledge.

Paint Jobs

Within our company, we host several of the most prestigious painters in Vancouver. We perform all exterior and interior painting, as well as designs.

Furniture Installation

In a home, our handyman technicians often called to put together beds, sofas, tables, chairs, desks and even cabinets. When you purchase these effortlessly cool items to accommodate your needs at home, the instructions they contain may sometimes prove to be more compromising than that of the time you spend using the item themselves. For this, we have both carpenters and handyman technicians who are knowledgeable in the realm of installation and comprehending manuals, so you don’t have to do any of the leg work!


We receive as many as a dozen calls for lighting in a day. Our lighting department deals with these services daily, and there is no reason that proves the needs are slowing down. Lighting services that our handyman professionals perform include: Changing hard-to-reach bulbs, installing light fixtures, hanging Christmas lights as well as replacing fluorescent light bulbs. We have access to a series of light bulbs and long bulbs so to match any you may need, we’ll do it! Whether it’s LED lights, new trim, or even help with installing the housings our handyman services will assist you for the best possible price. If you need help selecting a certain style or fit for your location they are more than glad to shed some light on new ideas.


From bathroom doors, exterior doors, gates, screens, windows, showers to garages, we can do it! We offer fixing services for doors of all types, installation for all doors, windows and garages, and we offer lock changes for each. These are not uncommon to perform but most people prefer our handyman to perform their needs, to guarantee that these necessities are done right the first time!

Television Mounting

Many of our Vancouver customers inquire about our television mounting services, but they usually also inquire about our electrical services, and we strive to make sure that all of your needs are completed so that you and your family can be relieved in the comfort of your home. Our handyman techs are equipped with all tools to guarantee that your TV mounting is done safely and securely, so that your walls remain intact and minimizes accidents caused by your TV. With this, we’re also skilled in the art of electrical so all of your wiring will do only to wherever you want them to go.

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We can offer a wide range of services. All of our tradesmen are fully qualified & insured. We will ensure that you are not paying exorbitant rates. We have an 100% retention rate on returning customers.