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Siding Installation

Siding Installation

If you’re looking for a siding Professional, then you’re in the right place.

At Heron Siding we have all kinds of exterior siding experts who specialize in fiber cement siding, aluminum siding, James Hardie siding, cedar siding, vinyl siding and other types of exterior siding. We are coming to our clients, homeowners and business with quality services and exceptional craftsmanship.  If you are on the market searching for siding for your new house or if you are willing to repair siding on your old home, then we are happy to tell you that you can stop here, as with us you will have numerous siding options that can match any budget and taste.

With Heron Siding, you will feel comfortably while getting the best quality materials and professional workmanship.  We are experts not only in new constructions but also in all types of renovations and repairs.  Though we mainly specialize in siding installation on the multi- and single-family residential houses, we are also doing siding installation for different kinds of commercial projects.

Whether it is a renovation of cedar siding on a heritage building, replacing exterior vinyl siding with hardie board or installation of durable siding on a new building, we are well-known for delivering impressive quality services for any type of projects. We are sure, that after working with us, you will make us your contractor of choice for all of your upcoming projects.  Some of the advantages that you will enjoy while working with our company are given below:

  • You will have the opportunity to work with one of the leading exterior siding contractors in the Vancouver area, experienced at complicated commercial projects, renovations of private houses and even at small repairs.
  • You will have specialized crews, trained and experienced in installation of various types of siding such as cedar siding, vinyl, Hardie and so on. Every crew successfully completed numerous construction projects.
  • You will get high quality exterior siding products from leading manufacturers for your renovation or new construction project.
  • You will find as very punctual in projects of any size and complexity no matter if it is a multi-family townhouse, a single family house or a condo building.
  • You will have your siding professionally installed within required time frame and according to requested budget.
  • You will have siding materials available in various colors and textures so that it is suit your exterior design. You can always choose soffit, fascia and trims to match your main siding style.We install only quality and durable products from a reputable and well known manufacturers (as James Hardie), and you can get an expert advice regarding which material is better to use for your specific needs. You will get a prompt response from our service department if you need a repair service for your siding.

We are the one stop shop for your home exterior maintenance needs. We specialize in STRATA Building maintenance.

We have an excellent reputation on the Google and have built a reputation in the Lower Mainland for almost every kind of maintenance , exterior and interior home repair. Even though we specialize in property maintenance, we have done complete, from start to finish renovations and siding repairs, we also provide solutions for new siding projects. When you call us you can be sure you will get honest and friendly construction environment while we at your job-site.

We’d love to answer any questions about our services, and you can get started with a free quote. It is what we do it all the time.

As a locally owned and operated company, we at Heron have a commitment to the community. The quality of our work reflects on us, and that matters because we are your neighbors. That’s why all our staff are professionally trained and all our work is top quality.

If your Strata building needs the common areas renovated, then we are the company to call. We have extensive experience in this field.

We are also very sensitive to people’s need and time to minimize disruption and maximum dust control. We have the right tools.

If you are looking for someone reliable then we offer you the best work done at great prices and quality workmanship. Please call at: 778.955.9922


We’re an all-in-one service provider for residential exterior house renovations, providing all services necessary to make your house shine like new again!


Fiber cement exterior, known also as “James Hardie Siding” by the name of its main North American manufacturer, became very popular over the last few years. Comparing to vinyl siding, it looks more natural and expensive, but at the same time you don’t need to spend your time and money to maintain it good shape as you have to it in case of wood siding.


Vinyl Siding in our time is one of the most common and popular siding materials in Canada. It gives an amazing exterior outlook along with a considerably low maintenance cost. You can make your own choice and select any desirable colour for your siding and don’t need to worry about painting at all. You can pick any of hundreds of styles for your vinyl panels. You can make it look like brick, stone, shingles, shakes and so on. Vinyl is easier to install than other types of siding, so a labour cost is relatively low. It makes Vinyl one of the most affordable siding options on the market.


Cedar is a well known natural construction material. It’s well resistant to moisture, decay, insects and other natural hazards. It is used in all kinds of exterior and interior work due to its gorgeous amber color, lightweight and beautiful grain.

The most popular form of exterior cedar siding is bevel siding, which is built as bevelled panels placed in overlapping layers. It is thinner at the top side along and became thicker at the end.

We can offer a wide range of services. All of our tradesmen are fully qualified & insured. We will ensure that you are not paying exorbitant rates. We have an 100% retention rate on returning customers.